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  • Started programming with Visual Basic 3.0, through 4-6 for the past fifteen years.
  • Started using C# in a professional capacity in 2008.
  • Started VB.NET 3.5 mid-2011
  • MSSQL 6.5 through all versions to SQL 2008, and a bit of Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL
  • Dabbled with web design on and off.
  • Have played with Linux boxes for the last five years.
  • Wrote a game in Objective-C to see if I could (yes)
  • Started programming for iOS in 2011

comment Algorithm for optimising a match game with known queue
I did once work out that the search space of some complex game I was working on would be 32Gb. At the time (I had a 20Mb disk drive) that would have been unfeasible, but these days it's just about doable in RAM for some computers.