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I run a software development consulting business. I write code every day and double on days off, because it's what I love to do.

I get a lot of use from StackOverflow, so I registered to try to give something back.

My personality doesn't lend itself to teaching, but I am happy to provide examples and technical morsels if they might help someone out.

comment Transmission implementation in a car game
There is no exact number of RPM drop between each gear. It's a ratio, as @Baldrickk points out. And while it's a great idea to have the output of the transmission be torque rather than speed, a discussion of wind resistance and verlet integration is a little outside the scope of the question, no?
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comment OpenGL - drawElements 2D imposible z-sorting (textured)
Sorting by texture is an optimization. Sorting by depth is, as you describe it, a requirement. You optimized too early. Roll back your optimization, sort your draw calls in a way that gets the output you want, THEN optimize as necessary.
comment Interpolation gives the appearance of collisions
+1 point for being the only responder who identified that the original poster is describing extrapolation, not interpolation.
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