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Do you remember John von Neumann?
Give thanks to your god(s) he invented the modern computer!

For messing with the community.

For creating badges.

For mentioning "Private Badge" several times.

"You know you have ascended to a higher plane when you answer a question not in O(1) but in O(0)."

My older mottos: "I know the answer to my PhD thesis is 42, but what is the question?", "If we had teleportation, we wouldn't need to walk back to our cars but just teleport right into it."

Update: I think I found the question and answer both in this post ^_^

My name is David Karnok and I am a PhD student specializing in production/manufacturing and supply chain informatics.

I am a research assistant of the Engineering and Management Intelligence laboratory (EMI) in MTA SZTAKI. I have been a Java developer for more than 4 years now, and before that I spent 6 years with Delphi.