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comment bump mapping with 2 normal maps
Are you specifically looking for a way to do it in code? Or are you amenable to stacking and normalizing using an external tool?
comment How to handle Multiple-accounts creation and cheating?
@Noctrine You realize that you can edit posts here after you submit them, don't you? Some people prefer to annotate their changes rather than make an invisible edit.
comment Assets Management, database or versioning system?
Agreed on keeping the art assets and code assets in separate repos. You may also find that the artists are more reluctant to check something in than the coders, and not necessarily because they find the system intimidating. They may have 30 rough outlines of a concept and not want to submit until they've narrowed it down to something they like. Factor this into the production pipeline. If there's a technical director breathing down their neck to check in everything they'll spend more time in the repo than roughing things out.
comment What things should an indie game developer never do?
Yeah, it really is. Truth, delivered with humor.
comment How to prepare a game for localization?
Ah, concatenated strings. What a pain in the ass. Works great in the native language for building variety quickly and easily. But then you get into a language with a different grammar and it's a complete failure. All the other points are good ones too. 'Settings' in German was 'Einstellungen', which devours quite a bit of extra screen space when you need it.
comment Automated testing of games
But players never do what you would expect a sane person to do. That's why you don't see stuff like the elevator glitches in Call of Duty until after release. Because there's a thousand guys all doing stuff that the developers and the testers never thought to try. As soon as someone creates the perfect simulation of an obsessive-compulsive 16 year old gamer we'll have reached the game development singularity :)
comment What is a good tool for producing animated sprites?
Is there anything ImageMagick can't do? :)
comment Tools for creating assets?
No worries. There's bound to be some overlap when people are looking up info :)