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comment Cost of game development and maintenance of an MMORPG
Yeah, an engineer getting paid $25k/year will get you a lot of useless code. I think this is a pretty atrocious "general" estimate. I have to agree with other users: this question is impossible to answer without further details. An "MMO" can cost $20k to $100m depending on the scope.
comment What makes a computer opponent feel alive?
I wish I could up-vote this SO MUCH MORE. I've worked on two triple-A FPS's and can't emphasize how important quality animations (peeking, gesturing, moving) and audio (saying intent, questioning, conversing) are to creating a great environment. AI isn't about beating the player, it's about conveying realism, a huge portion of realism is how we move and sound.
comment Is game development a super elite club?
Every game company I've worked for (EA, THQ, Arkadium) has paid for ad space as well as head hunters. The fact is, there's a dearth of experienced developers. The important word in there is "experienced."
comment Competing with C++ for games programming
C++ is a high level language, as is C. Assembly is low level. Now, C++ is higher level than C is, just as C# is higher than C++ and Ruby/Python are higher than C#.
comment What are the basics in game architecture? How do you create your game skeleton such that it doesn't stay in your way?
MVC is not really used in game architectures. In fact, I've never met a professional game engine even remotely using MVC. I've encountered some MVP in production code, and then promptly helped gut it because it was holding back development. I'd encourage you to read this: as a means of helping out
comment Which would a game development company prefer; UDK experience or C++ game projects?
We ported as much code as possible from UnrealScript to native at my past job. Having solid C++ skills is definitely far more important, especially since it applies to non-UE3 houses.
comment What are the most commonly used programming languages?
Totally, you're correct. Sadly, there aren't a lot of those games that are being monetized. But, yes, that would be correct to add to the list.
comment what do you think about Ogre3d as first time engine for first time 3d Game
Up voted. I completely agree that the correct way to learn game programming is to start with OpenGL, a small scene graph, asset manager, etc. and work from there. Honestly, if you can't build a small 2D engine or simple 3D engine from OpenGL, you probably won't be able to handle Ogre3D. They're both complex, it's just a different level of complexity. Understanding how an engine works at its core, or a renderer, will benefit you in the long run. You've spent 15 years working with C++, why rush learning game programming?
comment What makes aiming in a console first person shooter feel good?
I want to answer this so badly; but, I'm under NDA!!!!! Load up MW2 on 360, split screen, move only your right stick over a target, observe what happens. Then, move only your left stick and strafe from side-to-side, observe what happens.
comment Entity communication: Message queue vs Publish/Subscribe vs Signal/Slots
This is seriously how commercial game engines do it. He's not joking. Target.NotifyTakeDamage( DamageType, DamageAmount, DamageDealer, etc. ) is usually how it goes.
comment What scripting language should I choose for my game?
JavaScript does have traction. Unity uses it. So does Wolfire Games for their engine.
comment Unreal Engine 3 vs id Tech 3 vs Unity
I wish we could post credentials so that words like "uneducated" couldn't be used. I'm a professional Unreal programmer. You'll note, we're talking about the UDK, not the full Unreal source code. Please read everything before commenting. The UDK gives only script access, as such it's difficult to do any major changes to the engine. Additionally, Hail to the Chimp is not a triple-A title. I don't understand the need to ignore the OP's needs. Re-read his desires. He doesn't want to code in C++, that removes ID tech from the race, UnrealScript is similar to C++/Java... Unity it is!
comment Unreal Engine 3 vs id Tech 3 vs Unity
Seriously? You get a world editor. You don't have a materials editor, particle editor, physics editor, animset editor, animtree editor, or any of the various tools that make UnrealEd the industry standard and most licensed engine in the world. Plenty of wonderful games have shipped with id tech as their backbone. Guess what? They heavily modified the engine and build custom tools. It doesn't even use skeletal animation from the get-go! Unity3D? No triple-A title has been shipped with Unity. It does not support Xenon or PS3; so, you won't see any shipped on it. Happy?
comment Unreal Engine 3 vs id Tech 3 vs Unity
It would probably take far more effort to utilize Ogre3D for your project. As you're looking for a rapid solution, I'd say stay away from it. If you want to expand out and build your own engine, go for it! It's very well maintained and a joy to work with! I just can't wait until it's ported to 360 and PS3!