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I'm a lastyear student Computer Science, at Antwerp.

In my free time I love to develop test applications, to learn to know new languages day by day. At this time I'm learning Flex, and I'm loving it!

I have knowledge in the following fields:

  • ASP.NET: Good
  • C#: Very good
  • JS(/jQuery): Very good
  • HTML: Very good
  • CSS: Good
  • PHP5: Very good
  • MySQL: Very good
  • MSSQL: Good
  • Flex: Good, learning

comment Xna Xbox framedrops when GC kicks in
@JonathanDickinson That's what I noticed, my Draw() method checks the current page state, and it won't do anything unless it has the right state to act. BUT the Update() method isn't keeping the pagestate in mind, which makes it so that EVERY custom component (and there are loads of them, I made a little GUI framework) that is created, get's his Update() called. I'm pretty sure I'm doing the State stuff wrong, so I'm now into reading this: create.msdn.com/en-US/education/catalog/sample/… I'll rebuild the project tomorrow with the new screenmanager. Keep you posted!
comment Xna Xbox framedrops when GC kicks in
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