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comment Selective jogl texture transparancy depending on bitwise magic? to show results of endian-testing and green artifact. Please note in first image, I could have done the first three bytes the same as the bottom one, and had gotten the image colors correct- however the trasparancy channel would not have worked and would only be on/off per pixel and that is not what I want since some have gradient transparency. When done 24, 16, 8, 0 the image is very red. It's like something is wrong with the 24 push that makes it behave oddly but I don't see what it could be? I'm guessing it has something to do with how I'm loading the image?
comment Selective jogl texture transparancy depending on bitwise magic?
I meant once the bytes have been added to it, it holds the transparency. When I say it is green, the code should be taking pixels that have a value of 127 (max) green and turning them 100% transparent, if they do not have that they should simply be as transparent as is stored in image (as some graphics are in bitmap and some in png). When I change line 31 to what you say the same error happens, the maxed out green shows completely- this is why I am stumped.
comment Dynamically creating astar node map by triangular polygonal map
Wow thanks for the reply. See, the reason I need the function is I have a scripting engine which can create new polygons which could be used in turn for procedurally generated levels whereas I would want to call the recalculateAStarMapNodes() or what have you simply for convenience in scripts. The regular levels I can do by hand(have builtineditor). By image do you mean(this is my interpretation) create a 2d bool array which has detail for map and then draw the triangles to this array then blockerize(?word) this to create the nodes? This could work fairly well, I'll mark it answered now,thanks