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Freelance multi-platform software developer currently focused on iOS inhouse apps using LevelDB.

Author of "Getting Started with LevelDB" from Packt.

  • non-computing interests:
    • Chow Gar kung fu and Tai Chi,
    • reading and (pretending to) writing SF
    • scuba diving,
    • occasional ice skating (dance and figure),
    • solar housing,
    • carpentry
  • computing interests:
    • OOD, OO languages and frameworks
    • Usability,
    • cross-platform development,
    • code generation

comment How does braking assist of car racing games work?
More sophisticated options would factor in the weather, road surface, weight distribution of the car, characteristics of the suspension and tires. I've seen games like Real Racing 2 where upgrade options modify suspension and tyres and some others allow suspension tuning. A game with persistent world characteristics could take into account accumulated crap on the road and changing wear and stiffness of tires as they warm up.
comment Objective-C or C++ for iOS games?
The message overhead with Obj-C is quite a bit higher than C++ because it's more dynamic. It's certainly NOT "exactly the same". eg: see developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/Cocoa/Conceptual/…
comment Cocos2d+pybox2d vs Cocos2d-Iphone
seems to be available on linux now cocos2d-x.org/projects/cocos2d-x/wiki/…
comment What language was used to make Jetpack Joyride?
Wrong. There are a number of iPhone games made in c++ using cocos2d-x and others using Marmalade (formerly Airplay SDK). There are also some games made in engines like Moai which are c++ libraries tied together with Lua.
comment Can I develop games for mobile platforms in C++?
also now includes bada and some people have used it on top of Marmalade