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I'm currently a Java programmer. I am doing high-performance server work, Swing client work, and game design. I've developed in multiple languages on multiple platforms. I've worked seriously in the past with PHP, ASP, Unix C/C++, MS SQL Server, and MySQL.

I take a very direct approach to programming. I don't bow to convention simply because it is. Remember that DOS was a standard at one point. Remember that Windows still is a standard. Does it work, yes, I suppose, most of the time it does. I would build it much differently.

comment Is it unprofessional to leave game resources to the open eye?
-1 This isn't really a "fix". The resources are still there available to the eye.
comment Per-Frame Function Calls versus Event Driven Messaging in Game Design
I disagree. If the overall object design is well encapsulated, it should be flexible enough to be used in any kind of framework. I have been able to swap out communication methods in large projects with very little work because each piece was well encapsulated.