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comment What is the better way of generating levels in android game using LibGDX
Art.level is a Pixmap. Pixmap.getPixel() gets the pixel value at the given x, y coordinates. The coordinates are offset into the image (I'm guessing the levels are 31x23 or 30x22). The result of getPixel() is a 32-bit integer, most likely encoding the RGBA (red, green, blue, alpha, 8-bits per channel) channels of the pixmap. The "& 0xFFFFFF00" masking zeros the low order 8 bits (i.e., the alpha channel). The ">>> 8" shifts the whole thing right 8 bits, so the constants to compare to are just hex encoded RGB values. Thus col == 0xFF00FF checks if col is pink.
comment Application to record sound effects for games
Its not PC/Mac, but I've had good results with my phone, specifically "Tape Machine" for Android.
comment Resolution Independence in libGDX
I was assuming you set your OpenGL camera to match the physical display, so 1 OpenGL pixel maps to 1 display pixel. At that point a 64x64 image will show up as 64x64 on the screen. As Rudy_TM points out, you can mess with the camera mapping to get whole-screen scaling.