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A mobile app performance monitoring and crash reporting tool.
the name of the stereoscopic 3D effect produced by red-green glasses.
Questions related to the Clickteam Fusion products (eg. Clickteam Fusion 2.5)
a set of open-source libraries that implement various 3D graphics technologies. It is most commonly known for it's open-source implementation of OpenGL.
an open-source tool for creating 3D models of human or humanoid characters.
a 3d game engine released by Amazon. Questions related to the Lumberyard engine should include this tag, along with more specific tags.
Open source extension library for MonoGame. A collection of classes and extension methods to make it easier to make games with MonoGame.
a 2d/3d game framework made in c++ and offers Lua bindings. Questions about the GamePlay3d engine should include this tag.
a metrics-gathering and analytics package for iOS.
In contrast to traditional binary true/false states, fuzzy logic allows for degrees of truth. In computer science, it is often used to allow for an entity to exist in multiple mutually-exclusive stat…
part of the programmable graphics pipeline which produce output geometry patches from input geometry patches.
Pan European Game Information - an organization which rates games for age-appropriateness in Europe.
a modified version of MonoDevelop used for developing on PlayStation Mobile (PSM). In addition to the default features of MonoDevelop, PS Studio offers debugging and deployment features o…
a free mobile analytics platform.
the process of combining multiple incomplete or inaccurate sensor readings into a more reliable estimate. In games it often arises when reading orientation input from a motion control…
A common scene used in rendering testbeds to investigate novel lighting techniques.
an interactive sound middleware product.
an SDK for Kinect Development in HTML, Unity3D and Flash.