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the process of combining multiple incomplete or inaccurate sensor readings into a more reliable estimate. In games it often arises when reading orientation input from a motion control…
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When two events (eg: attacks or strategies) from competing actors (human or not) clash against each other, and the outcome is determined by strength/weakness relationships between the strategies each …
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Questions relative to the 3D rendering engine OpenSceneGraph.
an open source editor for game UI, levels, and other content.
Pan European Game Information - an organization which rates games for age-appropriateness in Europe.
a modified version of MonoDevelop used for developing on PlayStation Mobile (PSM). In addition to the default features of MonoDevelop, PS Studio offers debugging and deployment features o…
a free mobile analytics platform.
A common scene used in rendering testbeds to investigate novel lighting techniques.
Automatic measurement of data form a remote source, such as a phone, computer, console, etc...
an SDK for Kinect Development in HTML, Unity3D and Flash.
a framework for providing an interface between a game and physical VR controllers.
a 2d/3d game framework made in c++ and offers Lua bindings.
In contrast to traditional binary true/false states, fuzzy logic allows for degrees of truth. In computer science, it is often used to allow for an entity to exist in multiple mutually-exclusive stat…
a metrics-gathering and analytics package for iOS.
part of the programmable graphics pipeline which produce output geometry patches from input geometry patches.
a set of open-source libraries that implement various 3D graphics technologies. It is most commonly known for it's open-source implementation of OpenGL.
the name of the stereoscopic 3D effect produced by red-green glasses.
Atmospheric scattering refers to the simulation of the interaction of light rays with the atmosphere.
The act of scraping information (usually from publicly available sources not under your control) to gleam statistical information.
a commercial 3D game engine for Windows.
one where no point in the source set is within the circumcircle of any triangle in the result set.
A mobile app performance monitoring and crash reporting tool.