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Your draw method shows no translation or rotation of each wall, they will end up on the same spot. Your world matrix should(could) be World = Matrix.CreateScale(wallscale) * Matrix.CreateRotation(wallRotation) * Matrix.CreateTranslation(wallPosition);


Do not change the rotation. Change the y-position instead. Another completely different approach which will look far better but might be far slower would be to draw the white core part of the lightning as a randomized path of line segments and then add the magenta halo in post-processing by taking the bolt, applying gaussian blur, removing the green channel ...


One Big GetData of all the fullscreen renderTarget per draw seems to be more efficient than doing multiple GetData of one pixel per object to draw public override void Initialize() { .... //initializing the Color Table this.lightManager.LightMap = new Color[this.graphics.PreferredBackBufferWidth * ...

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