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Keep in mind I had this problem over 2 years ago and I have since moved onto Unity 3D. This is more of a conclusion than a solution. The main problem was that moving the bones did not move the mesh. I used Cinema 4D to model and rig the model and exported as fbx. There are many fbx export options in C4D and I tried many variants with no success. Here are ...


What I would to is set a key to show the hit box. I tend to use F1 and that way when I hit the F1 key all my hit boxes show up as red. In order to get that to work you would create a 1x1 blank texture and : In LoadContent: content.Load<Texture2D>(@"1x1");//or replace 1x1 with where you put the image In Update: KeyboardState ...


According to the EULA you can't simply include the XNA DLLs with your game - you need to add a link to the installer for the redist. Here's the XNA FAQ on installers/prerequisites etc http://xboxforums.create.msdn.com/forums/t/1989.aspx


XNA things aren't in the prerequisites list for me either. Instead of that, go to the same location and click "Application Files", then make sure the Publish Status of the XNA libraries are set to "Prerequisite". To demonstrate, here's a screenshot of my settings for a new XNA project. (Click image for full size.)


To get 2d screen coordinates from a 3d world space location, you would use Viewport.Project, not Viewport.Unproject. The world matrix to put in the Project method would be the same one you use to set the effect.World property for rendering.

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