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For checking if a song has finished playing, do this: if(MediaPlayer.State != MediaState.Playing && MediaPlayer.PlayPosition.TotalSeconds == 0.0f){ //start playing new song } For starting a random song, you should have a list of songs: public List<Song> bgm = new List<Song>(); Then playing a random one could be like this (if ...


Rather than using Forge as my installation package maker I decided to use Inno Installer in the end. http://www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php In Inno installer you can include the .NET installer in your bundle of files and then make a command to run the installer.


Looking for a list of lists? List<List<Rectangle>> ListsOfRectangles = new List<List<Rectangle>>(); Use it like this: ListsOfRectangles.Add(new List<Rectangle>()); ListsOfRectangles[0].Add(new Rectangle()); foreach (Rectangle R in ListsOfRectangles[0]) { //iterates through first list in ListsOfRectangles }


Ah, then I may be confused on game structure with XNA... If loadcontent and initilize in the main game class can only be called once, They are called once per device creation not per game start. If you re-size the underlying Windows window, the device is, and all content should be, explicitly destroyed. then do I call my other classes loadcontent ...


Running game "normally" is not possible, while stepping in debugger. However, game should continue normally, when you press continue, if it does not, then you have a bug. You can output text to visual studio output window using System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("It's me, Bugxor!"); If your output window is not open, you can open it from top menu ...


Well, a quick Google search has turned up this small Reddit thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/1l6eiv/how_do_you_render_a_transparent_model_xna_c_3d/ A non-shader solution isn't possible, since its the shader that is responsible for rendering the model. A non custom shader solution is, and the link above uses BasicEffect, which is XNA's defaul ...


public static Camera Instance { get { if (instance == null) instance = new Camera(); return instance; } } This is called a Property.

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