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This is a pretty late reply, but some new options have shown up recently to address this. Khronos released a reference compiler called glslangValidator that can perform syntax validation (and more) on GLSL shader files. If there are any issues with your shader, it will print them out with line number information. You can set up a custom pre build step or ...


Right now I'm not in a place to go over your code thoroughly, but at a glance I'm wondering if you need to declare your code with C linkage as explained here: extern "C" { float FooPluginFunction(); }


I'm not sure if this answers your question but: iOS of course doesn't run Java since iOS requires all code to be compiled AOT to xcode / objective c. When you build an iOS project, Unity just creates an xcode project which then can be built using xcode. You are free to change the code that Unity has cross compiled, however you have to do this every time ...

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