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SDL2 is intended to deliver all these events, not to block one while another is active. SDL2 does deliver keyboard repeats. I use almost the same code, and I see repeated keys, but also mouse movement events interspersed. You could filter out keyboard repeats by doing } else if (event.type == SDL_KEYDOWN) { if(event.key.repeat == 0) { ...


As player, I prefer to have my saved games along with other game files. The reason for this is that when I need to reinstall my system, the save is still there and I don't have to remember to backup some, more or less, arbitrary location. I've lost saves for several games just because they were stored in some locations you mentioned. Sometimes they were even ...


What shapes are you using? If your shapes are convex (like circles, squares, rounded rectangles), you can just draw versions of different size and clip them to a triangle whose diagonal goes from upper right to lower left. I.e., zoomed in, light-to-dark: and dark-to-light: Then clip that: And then combine the two bezels: and finally draw the ...


You could get a bevel effect by underlaying the cells with upscaled graduated transparencies of themselves. This can also be used to get a glow effect.


Something for recent inquisitions, this is still in beta and works pretty well. Get the free beta download here: http://pluralinput.com/

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