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Z-buffer. It's how webgl handles it.


Lens flare is always in front of any thing rendered so you may as well just disable the depth test when you draw it as the last thing. A sun/skybox can be drawn first with depth writing disabled. Changing the size is as easy as doing the perspective divide in the vertex shader explicitly and clamping the Z to -1,1. Or instead of putting the far plane at ...


VirtualBox has a fantastic solution to this problem -- they lock your cursor inside the window, if you press the control key, in my case that's cmd. You have proposed this and I would deffinetly advise for it. An example implementation of this would be, the user clicks on the game window and everything else darkens, to create the illusion of them being in ...


The answer is relatively similar to this one except you already figured out how to query the limits, so I try to exand it a little bit. There is no clear perfect solution how to work with those limits, but a good strategy seem to be to only use uniforms you absolutely need to get things to display at all ( which should be really low ) and then "use up" the ...


it seems that I was missing the following line in my code player.scale.set(1,1,-1);


Your triangles might be specified in a clockwise order instead of WebGL's preferred counter-clockwise order. To verify, switch your material side to THREE.FrontSide and run it again with THREE.BackSide and see if one gives you the correct results. If the THREE.BackSide works, then you have to go back and flip your ordering in all the Face3 creations. ...

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