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As suggested in the comments, the precision directives are not supported in the OpenGL version that haxe/lime compiles to. Adding a #version 130 doesn't work either, maybe haxe or lime doesn't read these I don't know. Anyway I found the solution reading through the lime samples: #if !desktop "precision mediump float;" + #end "varying vec4 v_color; void ...


You could start by taking a look at the JavaScript code of that page you've linked to figure out how they did it. I'd guess each line is composed by a lot of tiny rounded dots used as decals. That could explain why the lines look dotted when seen from close. I don't think using decals would be the most efficient technique, but it should be the simplest to ...


The discard statement comes in handy. You didn't say too much about your decision path, so I'll offer an example using a simple texture lookup: void main() { gl_FragColor = texture2D(u_texture, v_uv) * u_color; if (gl_FragColor.a <= 0.0) discard; } (That's from some sample code I wrote before I learned about alpha blending.)


Yes, you can discard in the fragment shader to avoid writing the pixel. Here's a random example I dug up from Google. Note that this may not actually stop the fragment shader from processing (as the GPU tends to process fragments in blocks; only discarding from all fragments in a block will abandon the processing). But the fragment won't be written to the ...

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