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Fixed by changing my C# script: private delegate string ReadData(); private ReadData dataReader; #if UNITY_WEBGL && !UNITY_EDITOR [System.Runtime.InteropServices.DllImport("__Internal")] private static extern string ReadFromDom(); #else public TextAsset testData; private string ReadTestData() { return testData.text; } #endif void Awake() { ...


I solved this with some help from Nathan Reed in the comments of this SO answer. The blend function glBlendFunc(GL_ONE, GL_ONE) is purely additive, and because addition is commutative, order doesn't matter. However, what does matter is to establish depth in the z-buffer through an opaque pass before doing any blending. My solution was to simply disable ...


Yes,you are right. If your program needs any buffer texture to draw result(like light accumulation buffer in light pre-pass rendering),you needs to care about order of objects in scene. Because texture can store only one pixel for a fragment. It means texture can't store any data behind of an object when the texture store the data of most nearest(of course ...


I don't think it's possible to specify a source pitch for the buffer in CPU memory like you could with a lower level API. However, you can specify an offset into your pixels using a DataView, so you could upload a 1000x100 portion of the texture that way.

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