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Problem Solved - Add a folder into the build folder and put all the files you want to be opened in there Change the Open URL script to say public void relativeURL(string url) Now put 'dirname/filename' in the URL field Hey presto - it now works!


You can't run webplayer builds on smartphones (you shouldn't use the webplayer at all, since it'll be discontinued in 2016)! You can however export your game as an Xcode project for iOS. There is also the option of exporting your game as a WebGL application.The problem here being that A.) The build will detect mobile browsers and refuse to start * and B.) ...


The Unity webplayer is an NPAPI browser plugin, compiled to run using Intel x86-derived processors on OS X & Windows. There is no NPAPI support in iOS, and the plugin isn't compiled for ARM processors— this is the core reason why what you're trying to do isn't possible. NPAPI is an old (the “N” stands for “Netscape”) and flawed technology that's on ...


Above all, I think it's the community. The community's demeanor is often not in the developer's control but there are things that can be done to promote a friendly culture. For example, rewarding players for helping newbies, a decisive ban every now and then, and giving players the power to reward other players for being helpful. Next up is giving players ...

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