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Honeybunch supplied quite a bit of information on creating waves. It's something I can definitely use, but not exactly what I was looking for. I'm posting an answer to my own question because I figured out how to do it. For future reference: Before rendering anything, I render the water to a rendertarget (let's call it RT_WaterHeight) using a custom shader. ...


Wave generation isn't a simple task. The easy way is expensive. Right now you're rendering your water as a plane, why not just render all of your textures onto a more complex mesh? You could, with an algorithm, take your water plane and re-buffer it to take on a new shape every frame. It's messy and very intensive but it can work. Here are some resources ...


It seems that for the brain to perceive the illusion that the ships are moving in the opposite direction to the one in which the background flows, the eyes need to anchor on the background. In my first experiment, the waves were thin lines, and didn't provide much of a unified background; the anchor was the boats. Below is an experiment that simply pans a ...


I suggest Perlin noise A 2d Perlin noise , with an appropriate color gradient, to simulate river surface: Two 1d Perlin noise for the two river margins:

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