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For realtime fog/cloud rendering you can take a look at this article from GPU Gems 3. If you are looking for Sky / Atmospheric Rendering, over at vterrain they have a nice collection of articles. For light/sun scattering I suggest you take a look at the blog of Fabien and again GPU Gems 3


We solved the problem by modifying the integral using some approximations. For example, the 0.99^x part has been approximated by a linear decay function. This produced very similar results to the original solution and was solvable analytically in one step. float a = dot(lightPos - nearPlane , distance_to_wall); a /= length_distancetowall; if (a <= ...


Maybe this one will help: A Practical Analytic Single Scattering Model for Real Time Rendering


The question is a bit ambiguous. Will it work? Sure it will. You can probably squeeze it down to one pass that traces against all lights, even though you use one pass per light. Can you add your lights to a list and do a post process batch where your lights are in a list? Will it look good? That's the problem. It's not really easy to answer and depend a lot ...

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