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Video cards without hardware T&L are dinosaurs. Seriously, there haven't been any new cards without hardware T&L since about 2000. Forget about them, just use hardware vertex processing and assume it's supported - unless you specifically need to support 14-year-old cards for some reason.


This depends on your camera. So if the camera is directly facing the object, you can do this. The surface normal is lets say (x,y,z). z meaning the depth. Then just make z = 0, as if you are projecting it in to plane. Then angle is simply atan2(y,x). This is for the simplest case though. IF the camera is not aligned with the object then you have to figure ...


This tool is not useful for transforming between arbitrary meshes and it says that in the link you provided. All this tool does is take N vertices with positions X0i, Y0i, Z0i and slowly transitions them to position X1i, Y1i, Z1i. It just takes a lot of numbers and does a time weighted average between them and a lot of other numbers each frame. Sort of ...

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