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An .obj model file may come with a companion file with the extension .mtl. Such a file is a material library that contains entries mapping from a material name to properties, including texture filenames to use for things like diffuse and specular. In your obj-file, there are mtllib a.mtl directives to indicate the material library to use, and usemtl aaaa ...


In theory it should not happen but because of the way the GPU rasterizes triangle lines there are some rounding errors on this particular GPU that differ between the texture coordinates and the pixel coordinates. Texture coordinates does not use the same precision as the vertex coordinates, add to this perspective correction (even though the triangles are ...


Looks like sometimes mudbox gets angry when the unwrap has zero-area faces (not correctly unwrapped) or you have UVs too close to the edge of the map. Can you shrink them all down towards the center (0.5, 0.5) and try again?

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