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How do I know how to map lets say (3,4) to (u,v)? First of all, your assumption is wrong. You don't transform position coordinates to uv coordinates, your vertice already has a uv coordinate. Like the following: Where (100,125) is the position of the first vertex (in pixels) and (0,0) is the UV coordinate. Mapping that point to the texture is a ...


Each of the vertexes of the triangle will have a u,v coordinate assigned. When the triangle is projected onto the screen each point that is displayed on screen will have a set of barycentric coordinates. Then to get the texture coordinate you just take the average of the texture coordinates weighted by the barycentric coordinates. In openGL this is done ...


UVs touching the border is pretty routine. However a related thing you probably want to know about is repeating vs. clamp texture; the idea is to set the image so that borders are rendered correctly.

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