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The only possibilty you have is to add the vertex twice, if no collision is generated, this will have almost no performance impact, if you do want collision, subclass the UProceduralmeshComponent yourself and override GetPhysicsTriMeshData to fill the collision array with non-duplicated vertices


Thanks for your patience, the particle solution below took a bit more fiddling to get working than I'd counted on. ;) Note that in all of these methods (and the one proposed by lvictorino) the texture is shared - what you're asking for doesn't require duplicating the texture in memory. What can pile up are draw calls, so let's look at how we can minimize ...


Your quads may be game objects and have a MeshRenderer. MeshRenderer components give you access to the renderer Material. And the Material gives you access to the texture via SetTexture. So once you have Instantiated your new object you can set your Texture doing: MeshRenderer object_renderer = my_new_game_object.GetComponent<MeshRenderer>(); ...

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