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Couple things you can try, first try adding sockets to your character for helping weapon holding/animation. Then find and existing character class and copy it, then rename the folders/files with your new characters parts. Find out more about the process here - UDK Custom Characters


You want to set Texture X/Y to Wrap rather than Clamp. You can find this in Advanced Texture Settings (click the little eye in the upper right corner of the texture details panel)


You download the Launcher (which is not a game launcher - it's Epic Games Launcher, because the company is called Epic Games), and from within the launcher you can download UE4. This should be trivial to find out though.


According to this link WHAT IS UDK? Unreal Development Kit was the free edition of Unreal Engine 3. It remains available for teams completing projects in UE3. Get UDK (February 2015 UDK). So you want to avoid using UDK and use Unreal Engine 4


You must at Age of consent so you could get a license personally, quote: A note to developers under the age of consent (minors): Please have your parent or guardian contact us for a UDK Commercial Use License, as we cannot enter into a license agreement with a minor.

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