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In your Map class, you are instanciating a Peter object on creation on line 25: Peter peter = new Peter(); In your Peter class, you are instanciating a Map object on creation on line 12: Map map = new Map(); So, when you create on of the two objects, it will start creating an infinite amount of maps and Peters (probably not what you want). This is a ...


There is an algorithm that adds this in automatically. Instead of merely moving away from the player, each AI will target the closest tile that is "out of range" of the player, I'll use 4 tiles. In the case that the AI is running from the player in an open area, it will choose to just run. In the case of a corridor, the AI "knows" it would be risky to slip ...


You can also use CodeAndWeb's TexturePacker - it comes with a whole bunch of optimizations to reduce artifacts on tile borders etc. Not free but work a try.

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