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The answer to this question here should help explain how to use the GetData function. Basically, the data is stored in the return array from the GetData call is formed by reading the 2D texture from left to right, top to bottom, transforming it as follows: AAAA BBBB => AAAABBBBCCCCDDDD CCCC DDDD To determine where a given pixel in the 1D array is, we ...


From your original equation a_position.x = a_position.x + amplitude * sin(phase + a_position.x); We'll just be taking at look at the sin portion as this is where this effect comes from sin(phase + a_position.x); Let's look at the sin function over a half of a period for different positions (phase is in degrees) Position 1 - a_position.x = 0 sin(0 + 0) ...

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