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At least i have found the solution. It includes 2 step : 1- My surface texture wraping was wrong. X axis must be repeated and Y axis must be clamped to edges. The correct one is: surfaceTexture.setWrap(Texture.TextureWrap.Repeat, Texture.TextureWrap.ClampToEdge); 2- When we use "ClampToEdge" wrapping, texture's Y coordinates must be between 0 and 1. So i ...


There are lots way of optimization including LOD - hig and low poly object display according to camera Culling - show only camera frustam obects mesh combine - combine meshes World streamer (dividing scene into sub-scene then load/unload according to camera position) Maybe what you are talking about is the fourth option divide your scene into multiple ...


To change polygons orientation you need to change indices order, so that faces are facing in different direction. From clockwise to counter-clickwise (or vice versa, it depends on your graphics engine setup). Change every triangle indices order from being 1-2-3 to 1-3-2.

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