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Ok so to answer my own question, it turns out I'm an idiot and overlooked something really simple. The code in my question works perfectly, but I never set the text renderer's projection matrix. To make it work, in the resize method I added the following code: renderer.enable(gl, true); renderer.reshapeOrtho(width, height, 0.1f, 1000.0f); ...


For more efficient storage of font texture data, if you want to go beyond putting it all in one texture you should check out distance field textures. The technique was invented at valve and it stores the distance from each pixel to the shape (character in your case). This is great for monochromatic images, such as fonts and decals and gives you the ability ...


Are the sprites drawing over the text? Text isn't a special thing, it's just another sprite you render to the screen (albeit one you generate in a special way). If you render the text and then at the same position render a sprite you won't see the text because there is something in front of it. Render the texts after rendering the sprites.

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