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I had similar issue, but my character stopped at some points. After adjusting rigidbody mass and physics material friction, it worked. Maybe it will work in your case.


I assume your noise is outputting height values for the terrain - the style shouldn't matter, as that's applied after the noise is done with. Add a lower octave of noise and add (or otherwise combine) them together. The lower the octave (larger amplitude and lower frequency) the larger/longer the features it creates, so to add hills you need to add that sort ...


Do "not rotate" the WheelCollider components. WheelColliders are implemented as ray casted down, you can see the direction of the ray on selecting the same in the editor. To get more accuracy try tweaking Physics.minPenetrationForPenalty and Time.fixedTimeStep. Edit: Noticed the rotation in your inspector window.


I think the obj file format is what you need. OBJ is pretty commonly used in 3D graphics, and it's a text file. You will need to walk through your mesh properties and write your own file. Then you'll be able to load and display it.

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