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We did implement huge terrains in Unity5 by processing SRTM data for the whole earth into height-maps for TerrainData objects with different Levels of Details[1]. There are a couple of things to consider: The very edges of the height maps need to overlap by at least one sample and you need to position your terrains accordingly. Terrain.SetNeighbors will ...


I am gonna go on a whim and say that you are using Voxels, because you want to be able to dig holes and tunnels live. Storing a world who's state can forever change as a .obj would not be a good idea. For your sanity, and your customer's sanity you would be better off choosing a different format style. First step, split the world up into chunks. If an area ...


You need Terrain as it allows you to add vegetation, make adjustments to the relief like rise land to form mountains and also it gives you ability to paint textures on it. A plane is a simple game object that can only be scaled on two axes and none of the above can be done with it.

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