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I wouldn't seperate the mountain generation from the general terrain generation but combine them. Today the usual approach to generating landscapes is using 2D or 3D noise functions like perlin or simplex. By combining several amplitudes and octaves you can add both general height (like mountains and valleys) and some detail. You'll probably need to ...


I would suggest using Dual Contouring instead of Marching Cubes, for the following reasons: It supports both smooth and sharp features It works well with level-of-detail methods It requires no lengthy lookup tables The one big caveat is that it is not as simple to parallelize for the GPU, if you are interested in that. PS: You may get stuck trying to ...


Would you mind sharing your implementation with other interested programmers? I think there are a couple of people interested in a working implementation to play around with, so am I. I know I am "abusing" the answer function, but I do not have enough reputation to comment, sorry.

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