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Field of View and Aspect Ratio define how much the frustum planes diverge, so a little math should let you define the 4 planes of the viewport... but then you are stuck with plane/plane intersection tests One approach would be to use the inverse of your camera and projection matrix to project the corners of the viewport some defined distance into the ...


Trying changing setModelBound(new BoundingBox()); to BoundingSphere bs = new BoundingSphere(); bs.setCenter(new Vector3f(32,0,32)); bs.setRadius(1000000); setModelBound(bs); Edit Larethian (short Version) (confirmed working on example code): setModelBound( new BoundingSphere(1000000, new Vector3f(32f, 0f, 32f)) ); As pointed out in the comments ...


Maybe they are being culled for being partly outside the view area? Might be worth looking at the code selecting what you render instead of the terrain code. (Or setting near and far plane differently and/or moving the camera further away since it seems the engine is not a custom solution)

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