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As far as I know, no. Prefabs are editor side only. By the way there is no need to make a prefab since you can build a generic GameObject and customize via script adding components and loading resources like sprites from file. For Example void Start(){ Sprite loadedSprite = Resources.Load("your_sprite_path", typeOf(Sprite)); GameObject go = new ...


You can do this if you use Sprite.Create You would typically use this along with a Sprite Atlas, as setting the Rect properly without one would be pretty tedious.


my approach will be almost similar but I will prefer to use a full sprite sheet of cards to avoid the extra naming problems. Before we get started here is the link to the sprite sheet. http://i.stack.imgur.com/gnv4Q.jpg We need to create one script named Card which can hold its value and type. It should look like this:- using UnityEngine; using ...


If anyone could offer any ideas as to 'force' the game to complete the animation first before continuing I would be really greatful. It looks like you haven't implemented any way to tell if the animation is complete. You are using a shooting flag that appears to be a bit confused about it's purpose. The shooting flag gets set when the user clicks the ...

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