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Note that this is the 38th tutorial in a series. If you go back to part 22, you can see m_Entries is defined as follows: The m_Entries member of the Mesh class is a vector of the MeshEntry struct where each structure corresponds to one mesh structure in the aiScene object. That structure contains the vertex buffer, index buffer and the index of the ...


In a lot of cases animations are blended between to create a pose. In some cases many animations are layered at once, sometimes on only part of the body. Finally inverse kinematics can be applied on top or under animations. The only way for all this to work is if the bones transforms are first calculated in local space.


Though there were a few vertices attached to the IK bones, the problem eventually proved to be that some vertices were not weighed to any bone at all. For reasons relating to the implementation of UE4, the mesh and skeleton are placed facing down and the bones placed the vertices to their appropriate position during animation playback, thus the vertices not ...

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