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Yes. It is possible. Any of the scene2dUI widgets, like Table, inherit from Actor. Actor has a setVisible(boolean isVisible) member that will hide it and all of its children and disable any touch events to it. You just have to make sure that your menu or game instructions are in front of your Game view by adding them to your Stage last. You will also need ...


You should probably take a look at Scene2D's Window class. Think of it as a screen that just overlays other screens. It's also a Table, which means you can add buttons or any other Actor to it just like any other table. This also means you can directly add it to your Stage, if you wish. A simple pause screen would be something like this: Window pause = new ...


why not set triggers that say.. ok the block is close enough.. turn off the rigid body and lerp it over the opening then drop down my increments until its in a desired position?

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