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I'm not familiar with either SharpDX nor Direct2D. However, my guess is that what you're seeing is caused by AlphaMode.PremultipliedAlpha. This is the blend equation for pre-multiplied alpha: blend(source, dest) = source.rgb + (dest.rgb * (1 - source.a)) As you can see, the alpha channel of the source is not taken into account, since the mode ...


This is 'by design'. See the DirectX SDK documentation under the topic "xWMA Overview" xWMA Looping xWMA does not support loop regions or looping of arbitrary packets within an xWMA file. Only an entire xWMA file may be looped. XACT enforces this restriction, and no special treatment is needed. In XAudio2 xWMA has the following rules related to ...


To close this up. As far as I know this is not possible. I solved it by using a different texture to store this information.


For DirectX 9 you can use a texture and a sprite. In DXHookD3D9.cs you could do something like the following in "DoCaptureRenderTarget". Don't create the resources each frame but for simplicity here it is all together. // Create resources SharpDX.Direct3D9.Texture tex = null; Sprite sprite = null; tex = SharpDX.Direct3D9.Texture.FromFile(device, filename); ...

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