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SharpDX is a DirectX wrapper, not an XNA one. XNA's GetData methods are higher-level abstractions on top of the underlying DirectX functionality. If you're using the D3D9 interface, you probably want a variant of LockRectangle. If you're using D3D11 you probably want some variant of MapSubresource (or the similar method for D3D10). Note that in D3D9 the ...


Make sure that the culling order is correct. This depends on whether you're using LR or RH. If you're not sure, then just try both GraphicsDevice.RasterizerStates.CullFront and GraphicsDevice.RasterizerStates.CullBack to see which one looks correct. Also, you might want to try rendering with your camera's world matrix through Matrix.Transpose.


It took quite a while but I've found the solution and am posting it here for anyone else who has the same issue. The draw code remains the same. Pixel Shader: // Texture sprite sheet. uniform extern texture ScreenTexture; sampler screen : register(s0) = sampler_state { Texture = <ScreenTexture>; MinFilter = POINT; // Stops pixels bleeding ...

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