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The event MouseButtonPressed is sent only once (that's how SFML works), so when you check this statement : if (event.type == sf::Event::MouseButtonPressed) it is only true when you click, it won't be true again unless you click again Instead of doing this if (event.type == sf::Event::MouseButtonPressed) You could do this if ...


I had the reciprocal of what I should have been using. The math.h class's sin and cos function want the arguments in radians and m_ShipAngle is in Degrees. I was doing movementX = m_ShipVel * (cos(m_ShipAngle * 180 / PI)); movementY = m_ShipVel * (sin(m_ShipAngle * 180 / PI)); When I should have been doing: movementX = m_ShipVel * ...


Well, If you did a basic google search, you would find lots of answers to your question. Here is a good website to answer your question, straight from SFML itself: SFML and Code::Blocks This is based off of windows, but I'm sure it will work for all platforms. Hope this helps.


Here is a list of all known SFML bindings. I work now for a few years with SFML but I've never heard about something like a web binding for browsers. If you are new to SFML and c++ you can probably look a bit arround and search for the best language/graphic libary which fit perfectly in your needs.

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