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My first clue would be you could build your own. Using C or you could also use python. You would need a way to identify the user with an ID or so that is send to the server and the server handles it e.g. stores the current game in a database. Applications of both users connect to server Apps send information about the player moves and user IDs Server ...


Yes, you'd essentially create a bridge - no wrapper - but that's terminology. The basic idea is to use two network connections. You've got one listen port that will act to the actual game as if it was the actual game server. The bridge will also establish a connection to the real server and pretend to be the actual game client. The rest is pretty ...


TCP guarantees delivery, and when there are problems that aspect will cause hangups as the whole thing stops to make sure everything got through. If it's going to be just a few dropped packets here and there, UDP will keep your speed up.


Case 1: unity has built in networking code to handle this in full 3d if need be. Case 2: there are likely a ton of solutions to this already on the unity store for cheap or free. Personally if i was building diablo I would do something like this: When kicking off a new game my custom server would pick a random "seed" value. Any clients that join the game ...

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