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When a large scale attack reaches your machines, there's a limited amount of things that the code can do to mitigate the problem. For low volume attacks, you could attempt to recognize bogus requests early and rate-limit/ignore sources that do not appear to do anything useful to lessen the amount of computational resources your application wastes on them. ...


Unity's Asset Bundles were designed specifically for this purpose, to allow you to add/download new Unity content and prefabs without the user having to update their game client at all. http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/AssetBundlesIntro.html


Laszlo Fuleki's answer is fine. The problem is that, if you are asking this, you probably are not using a suited level structure. So if there's an internet connection, check for a new level avaliable and if it proceeds, show it to the user (you can use a system notification or an inbox icon inside the game). Then there are 2 options: The level is already ...


Since you use security checks on the server, in your place I would use the existing backend to provide the daily new level as well. You could transmit a JSON, XML, whatever really to the client, and based on that the client would construct the level. This way you would have full control over what is available and what is not (e.g. sending level data when the ...

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