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You should look at socket.io http://socket.io/ It combines almost all the technologies you describe in a consistent API


To continue from where we left off - the ideal solution is to do all the important work on the server. Since you haven't really said what your game is (Action RPGs can be along a wide spectrum) here are thoughts on how to hide the delays for the user without compromising security in a general way. It is worth it to investigate what working on games in the ...


I just stumbled on this the other day -- check out NowJS at http://nowjs.com/ as I think it will give you a nice solution. From the site... NowJS creates a magic namespace "now", accessible by server and client. Functions and variables added to now are automatically synced, in real-time. Call client functions from the server and server ...


Since it is a single player game, you can do it without any lag at all (assuming you send/receive asynchronous messages). coming to difficulty, its fairly simple implementation. All you do is cross check the action (like price, item available etc.,) which 99.99% will be valid. Now you decide what should happen when some thing fishy happens (like something ...


Yes, this is possible. Many push notification plugins will execute a callback inside your game if a notification is received while the game is running. Inside this callback you can load your desired scene.


You can also use long polling in HTTP with Redis, if you want to reduce the pulling on the server. The script essentially "listens" for the "broadcast" from your script.


Well, I've been busy lately and wasn't able to implement or even plan nothing really solid. But I've come up with some ideas that will probably disencourage most of the cheaters in the first builds. For starters I'm going with the combo Node.js + Socket.io. I don't wanna do monsters AI and/or track it's movements in the server, or do collision detection or ...

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