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Nako Sung answer: Without game, UE4 prevents script functions to be executed accidently. (I don't know the clear reason) In C++ you can use FEditorScriptExecutionGuard: FEditorScriptExecutionGuard ScriptGuard; { // your code to execute scripts in editor while the game is not started goes here, for example: for (TActorIterator<ABPTest> ...


Method 1 - Unity UI Event System Thanks to Byte56 for pointing out that there's a new approach to messaging in Unity, which is much more similar to what the asker describes in Unreal. One quick heads-up: This approach is quite verbose compared to what I'm used to. If you just need a quick way to call a method on another object, without all the ...


I think this is what you want: It's adds a movement vector to the pawn.


This question can be expanded to almost all modern languages. The short answer is: no, it won't, the long answer is: In programming, there's a word called scope, a scope is a chunk of code defined by the enclosing statements in the programming language (in most of the languages, they're brackets {}). There can be multiple scopes inside another scopes, ...

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