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Yes, this is possible. Many push notification plugins will execute a callback inside your game if a notification is received while the game is running. Inside this callback you can load your desired scene.


I'm assuming you are working with 2D. There is no pixel-by-pixel concept in the scene view, its a 3D evironment, and all positions are represented by Vector3s which have floating point components. Your camera view, on the other hand, can be set up in such a way that everything appears pixel perfect. This link is slightly out of date (it was published ...


It seems that you are looking for a debugger, that is if you aren't linking with visual studio, otherwise visual studio should work. Just make sure you set the breakpoints at the correct lines of code, probably in your update method. If you want to see the per pixel update in your editor, just simply start debugging, then view the values with public fields ...

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