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I agree with @abathur's comment, and a little more information would assist, but I've a few points that can provide a fair answer that you'll need to apply for yourself. I've three sections: how you could think about the problem, some general implementation ideas and one area that should help refine the map to make it a bit more realistic seeming. One way ...


theres no way it should be that expensive. ever since the release of unity, even a 3man team should be able to complete that, and for starters you do the testing and development with an on premise server. there's no need on buying 100k+ machine while you are still just testing, id say with 50 thousand and below you should be able to make a quite decent ...


tl:dr; Read the first and very last paragraph With this approach, your AI will likely attempt to always use the optimal strategy, but the way you code it can easily lead to abuse. So, when considering how to evaluate "the best state for the AI" keep these examples in mind: Example 1: (the problem you currently see) Player team is full of extremely high ...


It is possibly a bug in the renderer. Try with and without WebGL. Also file a ticket on the issue tracker, providing the library version and minimal example to reproduce:


Looks like the rendering is off by 1 pixel (texel) for the flipped tiles or the source copy isn't flipped properly and catches most the next/previous tile in the tileset.

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