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What jhocking said in the comments is what's common in games. I don't think I could name a single game that uses the concept in the question. By that I mean that games commonly have increasingly difficult challenges/enemies such that a protagonist who does not "level" appropriately finds the challenges more and more difficult. That said, to answer your ...


In addition to having a Stat variable, have a StatIncrease variable and decrease StatIncrease with every level. I.e.: float Stat = 0f; float StatIncrease = 10f; void LevelUp () { Stat += StatIncrease; StatIncrease *= .9; }


If you are trying to use tile dimensions to break up the fact that its a tiled game, you should check out Wang tiling. Its a really nice way to make tiled graphics that looks organic and non tiled. http://blog.demofox.org/2014/08/13/wang-tiling/

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