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You could just store a second image (or use the alpha channel of your image) to store a heat map (this also depends a bit on how you're drawing this, e.g. through a canvas). You just create some mapping and tint areas in their specific color (example): Left arm becomes red. Right arm becomes orange. Left leg becomes cyan. Right leg becomes blue. As an ...


In an MMO with a crowded and random visual environment you need to "break immersion" so those texts and inputs cannot be missed. Not much of a mystery. As if MMOs with their cacophony of "LOL ur mom" spam isn't breaking immersion to begin with =P


In my game I currently have this system in place. Unfortunately it is in c# and you might not be able to get what you are looking for. What I do is store the location of the player, and the location of the mouse click. When the first click to move happens, I have a boolean that is false until the character reaches the clicked location, or he happens to get ...


There are often lots of items in a game that can be used in varying ways. One generic way to do this is to implement an interface such as the following: class IUsable { public: virtual void Use() { /* does nothing */ } } For items which are usable on the current player such as potions, their Use method send an event to the current player with the ...

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