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Handling negative values There are ways to handle negative values aside from healing the high-defense enemy with your sword strike (which is weird). You could introduce a block mechanic, where if target defense > attack power, the damage is nullified. But this is imbalanced. This might mean you might encounter an opponent who you will never hit. Of ...


I think I found the best way to do it with the least amount of tiles... All you need is 6 distinct tiles, composed of polygons: Then you can create whichever building sizes you want from just these tiles: And to resolve issue of fitting signs, textures, etc... just take the same approach! :)


You're monster locations are based on a random number: monster.setPositionXY((r.nextInt((int) width)), (r.nextInt((int) height))); You initialize width and height with: width = Gdx.graphics.getWidth(); height = Gdx.graphics.getHeight(); So your monsters will be placed on a random location in screen coordinates. Now I'm not sure about your drawing code ...


I think what you are looking for is a form of parallel projection. .


I found an efficient way to build a city fast (or whatever you're trying to build) is definitely to go modular, and make indexed fittings for your buildings. For example: Single buildings, referenced as A, B, C, etc... Signs, skins, etc. associated to each: Now you can mix and match to create a dynamic city quickly Of the approaches I've tried, ...


I dont think the question should be "How to force players" but rather, "how to make very appealing to players" to kill low level monsters. The more natural and logical way it is, the better. You could take example of the pokemon series (I personally think, its one of the best RPGs ever made). You couldnt die. You would be just moved to nearest center (that ...


I think you should use something more natural.. give the players goals (quests) they need to accomplish in order to proceed. The goals will implicitly require the players to kill monsters in order to progress to higher level areas. So yes organically restrict higher level zones by making the player progress to them by completing quests. Another option I ...

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