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As far as I see it the Shop class (for example) needs dependencies on at least two classes: The current status of the player-character (things like available money, inventory and what quests they are currently on) The current status of the shop the player is visiting (things like shop inventory, prices and available quests) These dependencies must be ...


There are plenty of trade offs to make in selecting a language. For example, C++ is known for being much faster and more efficient than a language like Python. However, it can also be more complex and difficult to build. If you are brand new to making games, I would recommend using Unity and programming in C#. Unity also offers some good native tools and ...


By definition, all variables SHOULD be private. Every function or variable is private by default in Unity, but there's no problem writing the 'private' reserved word. If you want to get or set one of them from another class, you have to create a getter/setter function, but these functions must be public, otherwise they will be useless. There is no problem ...


You could use the xml layout fIle to play out different scenes within an activity. For example you can make a text visible and invisible when certain actions have been done ( press a button/timer etc.). This way you don't need an activity for every scene. Hope I helped you on your way a bit.

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