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(Answer to the more clarified question in your edit) MongoDB is perfectly suitable for storing user data, such as emails and passwords. As long as you are taking all the same precautions you'd use for an SQL database (hashing passwords and such,) there should be no additional security issues.


Since the site doesn't let me upvote or comment Ian Schreiber, +1 to him. If you intend to test the battle mechanics, a pen&paper test is the way to go. It is also the method recommended by Game Design Workshop: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games. Once you have that done, then you may try to implement it in an actual game (or just ...


I usually write systems for pen-and-paper RPGs, so bear that in mind when reading this. The Feel First, I look at what kind of experience I want to create. Is there something I want to emulate? What sort of pace to I want to keep? How punishing should mistakes be? Should a lot of it be up to luck? You don't need (or want?) hard numbers here, but an ...


If it's simple enough that you can do so, You should play it out on paper. Even if it's complicated, with multiple distances, stances, cover, hit locations, what-have-you, you should see if there are any obvious pitfalls, and doing it with pen and paper is probably the fastest way. Run a combat scenario with your battle idea and see how it goes. Sure, ...

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