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I'd expect the conversion to be more like: static XMVECTOR XMConvertToQuaternion(XMFLOAT3 axis, float radian) { return XMVectorSet(sin(radian/2)*axis.x, sin(radian/2)*axis.y, sin(radian/2)*axis.z, cos(radian/2)); } in particular there is no need to push the coordinates through a cos and the w should be the last coordinate, there is a micro optimization ...


Do I use XMMatrixRotationQuaternion(XMVECTOR quaternion) and multiply the resultant Matrix with my scaling matrix and translation matrix to get my transformation matrix? I believe so. At least that's what I do with D3D9. (D3DXMatrixRotationQuaternion) You might already know but multiplication order should be : scalingMatrix * rotationMatrix * ...

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