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OpenGL 1.x's built-in matrix operations are notoriously slow, and may even cause pipeline flushes in some cases. To gain performance, translate your gl matrix operations to client-side code (there are several solutions, http://glm.g-truc.net/0.9.5/index.html and http://cmldev.net/ being popular ones). If you already have a lot of code, you can easily write ...


When measuring performance, use frame times, rather than FPS. In your case: 1000 ms / 80 FPS => 12.5 msec/frame 1000 ms / 100 FPS => 10.0 msec/frame These are very even FPS numbers, which makes me suspect that they are tied to the display vsync. Have you tried disabling vsync (with a call like eglSwapInterval, or setting the Direct3D swap interval? ...

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