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When you are dealing with AddForce and AddTorque, you are simulating physics. You are utilizing the RigidBody component of your physics engine. Do you require a physics engine for your game? Or do you want to fake the physics yourself? You cannot apply forces to a transform. You also don't need to have a RigidBody component on your gameobject in order ...


Adding force means you are simulating some degree of pysical movement. Do not play with vector(force) if you do not need to simulate physical property in your game.


When in doubt: Fake it. Instead of calculating the wheels from where the cart is, calculate the wheel direction from where the wheel was. Something like this: //Constants, per wheel. I'm assuming Y is up/down var wheelOffset = Vector3( -40, 0, -10 ); //Variables kept over multiple frames, per wheel var wheelAngle = 0; var lastWheelPosition = 0; //Per ...

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