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From here, this can be used to calculate the volume of an arbitrary 3D mesh. public float SignedVolumeOfTriangle(Vector3 p1, Vector3 p2, Vector3 p3) { float v321 = p3.x * p2.y * p1.z; float v231 = p2.x * p3.y * p1.z; float v312 = p3.x * p1.y * p2.z; float v132 = p1.x * p3.y * p2.z; float v213 = p2.x * p1.y * p3.z; float v123 = ...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bh9ArKrPY8w You have options. You can either use a bunch of primitive colliders (which will be most efficient but also the most time consuming and tedious option), or you can use a simplified mesh created specifically created to be used as a collider. The above video goes into more information about colliders and goes over ...


You could try and create 3d game objects like cubes and spheres, then as those have colliders place them somehow to fit approximately the walls, the floor and ceiling and then just remove the mesh renderer component from those objects to make them invisible.


one solution may be : import models in unity without mesh collider, then manipulate your unity scene adding empty/invisible objects containing the colliders (box colliders?) you need to delimitate walls and floors.

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