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Expanding upon Anthony Ngo's answer As of Unity 5.1 you can simply do it in the editor: Source: http://unity3d.com/unity/whats-new/unity-5.1 To get to that part you can probably do Ctrl + F then type rigidbody. Your browser should then highlight that part.


First of all, since you're working in 2D, you'll want to use the type RigidbodyConstraints2D as opposed to just RigidbodyConstraints. Secondly, you can't freeze the y rotation on 2D rigidbodies, only in the z axis, which you can do by saying: pos = RigidbodyConstraints2D.FreezeRotation; Equally, you could just set it in the inspector with the gameobject ...


It looks like these two lines are overriding the velocity-based movement from the RigidBody: LillyRB.MovePosition (LillyRB.position + (transform.forward * movever)); LillyRB.MovePosition (LillyRB.position + (transform.right * movehor)); Generally when combining player/AI control with Rigidbody physics, you'll want to use forces & accelerations to move ...


As stated in the comment to your question, btTransform is a matrix. You can do the matrix operations as you see fit, without using the set* methods. Once you're satisfied, just use the matrix as you're doing now.

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