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Turns out a MonoGame bug was causing most of my issues, which I (inadvertently) helped fix.


BTW, I ended up solving this using a lightmap. My process was as follows: Generate a UV map for the mesh by packing all the triangles together using a simple scanline algorithm. Render the scene directly to the UV map instead of to the screen. This way, pixels are 1:1 related to texels. Render the scene again to the screen, this time using the generated UV ...


I can't off code itself but i can offer the theory behind it with some pseudo code First of all some theory: Screens have a resolution this is mesured in pixels so for example, 1920*1080 on a screen of 10 inches, this is more pixels per inch so 20 pixels on this screen would take up less space then 20 pixels on a 40inch screen, because of this some math ...

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