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Yes it's possible, but it's not without its complications. While frame interpolation can work real-time on videos, that isn't necessarily the case with video games. Even though this is processing real-time on videos, the software is able to "look ahead" to the next frame. This is a pretty critical component of interpolation. This is where the issue comes ...


A system along these lines has been used in The Force Unleashed. I'm not aware of other titles that have used it though.


What is the problem? Generally speaking, you want to do a topological sorting, where the nodes are your bricks and the edges mean "is this node behind that other node" relationship. So all you need to do in order to sort anything anywhere is to decide on "is behind" relationship. It seems that your code treats bricks as uniform objects in a grid, ...


Yes, this is not only possible, but available now: hook up your game PC/console to a TV that uses motion interpolation. Opinions vary, and this is less suitable for twitch games like FPS due to the interpolation lag, but for upscaling frame rates from 60 to 120Hz it works fine. As for whether this can be done in the game itself, there's not enough impetus ...


Make sure you resize the viewport when you resize the window. You should be able to override the function 'resize' in your ApplicationAdapter. public class GameClass extends ApplicationAdapter { @Override public void resize(int width, int height) { YourUIStage.getViewport.setScreenSize(width, height); } }


Maybe. Broadly, there are two ways to categorize geometry (triangles you will render): either the geometry is static, and all sits in the same fixed place in the world, or the geometry is dynamic and either moves around in the world or otherwise animates the geometry is defined according to a specific vertex format (this geometry has a position, normal, ...

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