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I totally forgot about this, so the problem was on how my view matrix was built. So my view port was located just in front of the ray cast, messing everything up, i was projecting into the right place, i was just looking at it wrong. I just needed to adjust my view matrix and done.


By using continuous agent positions on a tiled map, the translation from a tile-list path to a points-list path is best served by a Funnel Algorithm. Basically doing what you have been, but only checking intermediate tile-vertices on the path that are next to an obstacle (which will naturally be where the tile-path has a bend). I see ray-tracing as ...


With only the given information I would assume one of a few scenarios is happening here: Something very mysterious because you provided very little information Your player is on the enemy layer and subsequently the ray immediately hits the player You are not setting up your EnemyLayer variable correctly. To filter a Raycast based on layer you need to set ...


Transforming the ray position and direction by the inverse model transformation is correct. However, many ray-intersection routines assume that the ray direction is a unit vector. If the model transformation involves scaling, the ray direction won't be a unit vector afterward, and should likely be renormalized. However, the distance along the ray returned ...

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