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Generally, you have to use a bunch of matrices. With the traditional OpenGL pipeline, you'd have to mutiply these matrices: finalMatrix = modelMatrix * viewMatrix * projectionMatrix * viewport.windowMatrix; To find the position of the vertex on your viewport, just multiply the vertex by the matrix: onViewportVertex = in3dVertex * ...


Assuming that you want to compute the position that an arbitrary 3D vertex (x,y,z,1) has on the view plane after the projection: You can use the given parameters to compute a projection matrix: where f = cotangent(fovy * 0.5) This is also the matrix that will be set by a call to gluPerspective. Then, you can multiply this matrix with your vertex to ...


That software you've linked seems to do what you want, but I presume you would need something that's free? This tutorial has a blender file that you can use (see section "CONVERT TO CUBE"): https://aerotwist.com/tutorials/create-your-own-environment-maps/

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