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It's been a while since I did anything like this, but if I recall correctly you want to test a point on the circle against the line that defines the wall, and if the point has bypassed the line (IE, the line is closer to the center of the circle than the radius of the circle), a collision has occurred. The "pushing" effect comes from blocking the ability to ...


I would recommend reading THIS and THIS.


Ok I decided to help you on your way. But we are simply not doing homework for you. UDK documentation seems down for maintainance but I have found this: http://www.moug-portfolio.info/udk-projectiles/ example. You should read it completely since it helps you understand projectiles. Towards the bottom they explain projectiles. Let it be clear that I have no ...


this picture adds the symmetry needed to solve the question easier. Just project L along the vector CL so that |P-O|=|T-O|. Now it's obviously just two identical triangles (CPO and C'TO) rotated by your desired angle. I.E. ang(OT)-ang(OP) C' and L' are both the same as C and L after rotating, about O, by the same amount.

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