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(somewhat humorously) Computer science is the theoretical computer stuff, research, testing, and writing nice papers about the results. Computer programming is the part where you type things into the computer to actually make it do stuff because you have a product to ship, clients to please, and bills to pay. PS: Technically this question would be better ...


Main problem with global variables in C++ that compilers don't guarantee initialization order. Let's you have 2 global variables with constructors: global_A g_a; ... global_B g_b; ... global_A::global_A() { this->test = 5; // test is int } ... global_B::global_B() { printf( "%d", g_a.test ); } If initialization order of g_a and g_b is ...


unity doesn't use the same "javascript", it really should be called "unityscript"... it'll be familiar but don't expect it to be the same. If you make a game on any platform that shows technical skill and results in a fun experience it's worthwhile in your portfolio, even if it's just an example of breadth of ability.

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