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You have some fundamental misunderstandings. What I'm saying is, somebody somehow made a way to communicate with a device driver to get acceleration and faster graphics, 3-D functions, etc. This is incorrect; it is the driver that provides access to the acceleration hardware (the GPU). It isn't OpenGL or D3D itself, which are simply API ...


(Blitz3D, blast from the past!) It's been so long so a bunch of things I'm wondering about (these may or may not be relevant to your question): Why are you setting a collision radius for the plane? Why are you calling 'Collisions' every frame, rather than once when declaring the collision types? Shouldn't UpdateWorld() be before RenderWorld()? All three of ...


Getting null reference exception is normal since they were created in the previous scene and destroyed in the current one. To move them to the next scene, you need to call DontDestroyOnLoad. Why don't you create your assets after the scene is loaded? GameManager should be responsible for creating player and enemy objects and keep track of the game state. In ...


That error occurs on this line: CCTexture *texture = [CCTexture textureWithFile:image]; And this is the right way to do this: CCTexture *texture = [[CCTexture alloc] initWithCGImage:image.CGImage contentScale:image.scale];

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