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Would you mind sharing your implementation with other interested programmers? I think there are a couple of people interested in a working implementation to play around with, so am I. I know I am "abusing" the answer function, but I do not have enough reputation to comment, sorry.


Many of such methods exist. Though typically their in mesh editing programs, such as Blender 3D. For example, the "Boolean" modifier, allows you to intersect, subtract, or add, on one mesh volume, based on another mesh volume. Going through a modeling program, and learning how to manually do it in that program would be a good first step to doing what you ...


I had to solve a similar problem for my game. I did it using templates. Basically, start by labeling your room with the following: enum TileState { Floor, // An unoccupied free cell Wall, // A cell occupied by a wall Edge, // An unoccupied cell on the edge of the room (like a door) Object // A cell occupied by an object } Then, you can ...


Get the simplest possible example that approaches your expected complexity, running. Code up say 5-6 considerably different behaviours, make entity count variable, and then test at different counts, optimise, and scale up from there. You cannot do game development without prototyping, it is the nature of this profession. You can reduce the complexity of your ...

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