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Yes they are. For example wireworld has 4 states. The on/off was created in a quest for the simplest Turing complete model of an automaton but there is no reason for you to also be limited to 2 states. (Neither is there a reason for the kernel (transition function inputs) to be limited to just the direct neighbours.)


Try to change the tris for loop to ++ instead of +=3: for(int i = 0; i < m.vertices.Length-3; i++){ tris.Add(i+2); tris.Add(i+1); tris.Add(i); } Each 2 neighboring triangles have 2 shared vertices, so += 3 would skip 2 triangles each time.


As you (I think) alluded to, Unity's roadmap has plans for a tilemap editor. I'm looking forward to it, because right now it's a little confusing how to proceed. In the meantime, the best approach I'm seeing is to make your map in Tiled and then use X-UniTMX to import it into Unity. Obviously that's not procedural generation though; I'd imagine you would ...


Try using CacheProceduralProperty to specify at runtime what properties you want to cache and which ones you don't.

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