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Store the x points, y points and any other polygon related data elsewhere. Then in the render function you can save the data to a local scope set of variables (or an array or List if you want) and apply the transformations using good old mathematical operators. Then you can draw the polygon using this new data.


Edit: We tried many combinations of the following and got many, many, equally-disappointing results. OP has resigned to using his backup plan of physically moving the geometry slightly toward the camera before drawing it as wireframe. Link to chat. A typical use might be to set factor and units to 1.0 to offset primitives into positive Z (into the ...


You seem to be mixing polygons and vertices in your question. Polygons generally refer to triangles. As for the load on the graphics, you should probably aim for a "minimum requirement" device and see how it handles your game, graphics wise. This is going to be your maximum number of polys.

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