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The solution to this is to use a Coroutine that waits for the variable to be destroyed. This guarantees that it will be able to make the MeshCollider. Here is a piece of sample code that could be used to implement a similar solution. Vector3[] v3 IEnumerator Start(){ PolygonCollider2D polyCollider = this.gameObject.GetComponent<PolygonCollider2D>()...


I'm not sure filling sharedMesh.vertices will be enough to convert your PolygonCollider2D into a MeshCollider. From my (not long enough and too basic) tests, when you try to create a MeshCollider and only give it vertices it doesn't work. Your MeshCollider will need vertices but also triangles. After getting the polygon points you might have to compute all ...


error: y has private access in Polygon This simply means, that the y field is private in the Polygon class. Instead of trying to use balls1.y to reach that variable, use setPosition(float x, float y), getX() and getY()


I've been proposed for using awesome Clipper library. It is exactly the thing I need. "For constructing the union of 2D polygons you can use Clipper library."

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