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A line does not make a closed boundary, so a line is never a polygon.


Your best bet is probably Thought 1: A simple tile map and sprites. Unless you're going full-blown OpenGL then doing things like texturing quads is a bit overkill since you're already using a graphics library. Also, you don't need to make a polygon for your hitboxes; a simple rectangle will do in most cases.


A mesh should consist of what it needs to consist of. Certain modelling operations are made significantly easier to implement, or provide better visual results, when the mesh is represented as quads. Your linked article does a decent job of provided a brief survey, and also touches on the edge-loop benefits which are useful even in simple modelling. ...


I recommend using some middleware, so that all these kind of things are worked out for you. Otherwise, Yes, this is a good idea, you can cheaply rule out certain intersections and avoid an expensive test. This is referred to as a bounding box. Using some middleware will mean this is worked out for you.

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