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the raycast is a good idea,you may use ray judge whether it is a slope ,then you can controll the velocity by changing the player velocity.


Make sure the ground layer is set to ground on the cubes layer. Drag the groundCheck object to the new slot on the platform controller script that is visible when selecting the hero object. Also make sure the hero has his rigidbody2d not set to kinematic. And that the ground cube does not have a normal collider and is replaced with a 2d collider edit - ...


Read Real-time Collision Detection. By far the best on the subject imho. Implement Spacial Partitioning of the objects in your scene. (kd-tree or octree or etc...) This is by far one of your most important components (when it comes to simulation [like col. det.] or rendering) Implement a Bounding Volume Hierarchy (BVH) for your objects - grouping the ...


Hey I have answered a similar question , where you can populate different tiles as per need, using a 2d matrix to hold the information. Its very basic but you can build on top of it , to suit your needs :) Link:- Generate static 2D Tilemap from array


Without knowing any of the mechanics of your code it can be difficult to suggest a solution that is efficient, simple to integrate, and extendable. Please consider that when asking future questions. It would be a better use of time for the both of us to tailor an answer to your needs than to give general advice. Now with that said, given free reign of the ...


Which game specifically? What engine does it run on? Is the source available? If the source isn't available then you're SOL unless you REALLY like decompiling. Chances are good the code base is C or C++ (lets hope so). That means you have to compile with the Android NDK which isn't trivial. My experiences with it have been painful. You're right you have to ...

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