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After some rounding errors energy will be different from one step to the next. Most physics engines just let you apply forces to objects nilly willy and don't care where the "energy" for the work it is doing would have come from and letting the programmer decide how it came about.


My recommendation would be to approximate the surface with 2d wave simulation. That is, you have a plane and each point has a height property defined by the neighboring points and the wave equation. A google search for 2d wave dynamics algorithm gives a lot of papers and applets, so you can go crazy on that. Getting that information to a 3d model is as ...


How the author specifically got that value was via experimentation. From the comments: Q: Hi James, you set acceleration.y to 460. How did you find this number? Is it static? A: Acceleration was experimentally determined. Its value does not change. And this is often the case when determining values for your game. You pick a value and play-test ...


You should check these for audio synthesis in C++. Check the sources as well. You may find a way to write audio buffer on the fly according to some parameters passed from physics engine. The Synthesis ToolKit in C++ (STK) NSound CSound and its resources page.


Sticking to walls is a problem mentioned in this Unity learning module around 8:45, and they set the friction of the ground to zero to solve it. However, they don't address the sliding down slopes problem. Option 1: Give the character's body a frictionless rectangle collider that is just wider than the circle collider at it's feet, with its bottom ...


It's been a few years since this question was posted, but I came across it while searching, so I thought I'd update it. Google released LiquidFun (open source) for the Box2D system. It has some limitations, but it's a quick way to get started with liquid, sand, etc particles with pretty decent performance. https://github.com/google/liquidfun PixelJunk has ...

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