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From my personal experience, some basic physics knowledge can help a lot to tune your game. Lets say that you want to create certain physical effect in your game e.g. players can push boxes. Of course, you need to tune certain parameters to make this effect behave as you want, so that the boxes neither violently fly in every direction neither are almost ...


Bare minimum you need to know how the physics SYSTEM works within the engine. Most of these may sound daunting but it's really not that difficult and you CAN simply stumble through things but it will make it significantly easier if you understand these going in. What is a RigidBody? What is a Collider? What is the relationship between the two? How is it ...


I think it's enough for you to know how gravity and forces work, although you actualy don't have to know these, because physics engine does everything for you(ESPECIALY UNITY). Like the first komment says, just play around and learn how to use the engine.

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